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Akel Hillany

“If we continue to push to help solve interesting problems and create opportunities to be leaders, we’ll always be able to provide value to those around us.” -Seth Godin

Akel Hillany is a person who encompasses the very meaning of that statement. Value based service is the foundation that supports all of Akel’s endeavors.

As a Bay Area native, Akel is constantly educating himself in this ever-changing market. He believes that knowledge and hard work are the driving factors behind achieving success for all of his clients.

From providing guidance and education to helping clean and organize a property, Akel pursues the goal of creating more time for his clients by efficiently alleviating tasks so that his clients can focus on the higher priority items in their lives.

As a graduate from San Francisco State University and growing up with parents who’s careers focused on client success, which entailed a mother who owned a real estate brokerage for over 30 years and a father that dedicated his work to automotive sales, Akel was groomed to understand that value is subjective and should always be customized for each and every client. Everyone finds value in different ways and Akel is set out on discovering his client’s perception of value.